Brooklyn boy stabs mothers abusive boyfriend

The New York Daily News reported an 11-year-old boy in Brooklyn saving the life of his mother and cousin.

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The New York Daily News reports that an 11-year-old boy in Brooklyn saving the life of his mother and cousin.  Ex-con Timothy (Mohammad) Pender allegedly attacked Terrance Allen’s mother, Tracy Anderson, and then went on to attack Allen’s cousin, Kenyetta Parker, when she tried to help. The young boy acted out of fear and frustration and stabbed Pender in the back, then ran down the street for help. According to the Daily News, Allen said he once dreamed of becoming a video game creator, but now says, “I want to be a cop so that I can put away people like him.”

A fearless 11-year-old Brooklyn hero wielding a kitchen knife saved the lives of his mother and a cousin when his mom’s live-in boyfriend snapped and started choking both women in their Bushwick apartment.

“I had enough,” fourth-grader Terrance Allen told the Daily News in a gripping account of the life-and-death struggle in which he stabbed the assailant to rescue the two people he loves the most.

Now little Terrance wants to be a cop — so he can help save other lives and arrest other bad guys.

The drama unfolded at 11:20 p.m. on Saturday in their home in the Ocean Hill Apartments, a city housing project, where the boy watched the brutal assault in horror.

Ex-con boyfriend Timothy (Mohammad) Pender, 42, allegedly choked Terrance’s mother, Tracy Anderson, 35, in a sustained, half-hour attack that spilled over from the hallway to the kitchen to the living room.

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