While attending the 37th annual National Association of Black Journalists convention in New Orleans, Trayvon Martin’s family learned of the firing of Sanford police chief Bill Lee. The family held a closed-door press conference with journalists to discuss their response to this decision.

The family respects the decision to fire the police chief, but are still adamant about fighting until justice has been served for the tragic loss of their son.  The Monitor reads:

…Crump said the action is a step in the right direction in getting justice for Martin.

“Credibility is the issue here,” he said. “It has always been only George Zimmerman’s word and his version that Trayvon Martin attacked him.”

Lee drew nationwide criticism for his department’s handling of the case. His voluntary letter of resignation was rejected by the city council in April; until Wednesday, he had remained on administrative leave.

Despite the firing, the family said they are still hurting.

“Yes, we still suffer,” said Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton. “We just had to suffer through a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and it hurts.”

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