Rep. Mike Turzai: Voter ID will help Mitt Romney, GOP win Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania state House Republican Mike Turzai got very candid in a speech to the state’s Republican committee. He said that newly passed voter ID laws would allow Mitt Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania. Politics PA reports Republicans cheered, but his remarks hit a nerve with critics of this kind of legislation, who considered Turzai’s claim an admission that the laws are an obvious effort to suppress Democratic voters.

State Treasurer candidate Diana Irey Vaughan may have stolen the show at the Republican State Committee meeting this past weekend, but that doesn’t mean other party members didn’t have anything to say.

In fact, one of them had a lot to say.

House Majority Leader Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) suggested that the House’s end game in passing the Voter ID law was to benefit the GOP politically.

“We are focused on making sure that we meet our obligations that we’ve talked about for years,” said Turzai in a speech to committee members Saturday. He mentioned the law among a laundry list of accomplishments made by the GOP-run legislature.

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