Twitter hits CNN, Fox for wrong call on Supreme Court health care ruling

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Twitter has been having a lot of fun with CNN (and to a lesser extent, Fox News) for their premature, and very decidedly wrong, call on the Supreme Court’s health care ruling. The Court voted to uphold the individual mandate to purchase health insurance, as a tax, though not as a “penalty,” and that difference caused some confusion on air, and on Twitter. (The Huffington Post has been leading the snark, even though they got it wrong initially, too. Just sayin…)

The online laughter at CNN’s expense got so loud, apparently, an editor at the Associated Press reportedly ordered staff to stop mocking fellow journos who got it wrong. And Republican members of Congress who Twitter-boasted about the overturning of the individual mandate prematurely — we’re just speculating that they they got the wrong information from Fox News — later deleted their tweets (thank goodness for screengrabs…)

Here’s a sample of the best tweets from the #CNNHeadlines tag, and beyond…