Black hair care tips: Summer weaves 101

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From Clutch Magazine: For my ladies who love their weaves all year round, this hot weather may create a bit of a problem for you. With the summer heat ablaze, it is harder than usual to maintain a fresh and natural weave. There is nothing worse than a sweaty, smelly, itchy, matted nest sitting on the top of your head when you’re trying to be fly and enjoy the warm summer weather. If you’re not willing to forgo your sew-in this season, you could spend your days indoors next to your air conditioner, or you could follow our tips on how to keep your weave right and tight all summer long.

First thing you want to do when wearing a weave this summer is to invest in good hair. Although the quality of your weave hair should always be top of mind, in the summertime this is particularly important. Cheap weave hair tends to mat and tangle very easily. Add extra sweat and hot temperatures and you’re asking for trouble. Look for soft hair textures where the cuticles are aligned. This will do wonders and prevent major birds’ nests from erupting.

You might also want to think about purchasing a wavy or curly texture in the summer. Not only are beach waves extremely sexy, but if your actual hair is curly, on those humid days, your weave will naturally curl and blend with your leave-out.

Speaking of leave-outs (your actual hair that you leave out of your sew-in in order to blend with your extensions resulting in a more natural look), when installing your sew-in you should think about styles that prevent as little of your actual hair from being exposed as possible, especially if your hair does not naturally blend with your weave hair. There is nothing worse than having to constantly monitor your edges and leave-out throughout the day for fear your hair is not blending with your weave. Using a lot of heat to blend your hair is a no-no as well, so stick to an edge controller like Olive Oil’s Edge Control. It’ll work wonders.

Let’s face it, you sweat more in the summer heat. To prevent heavy dirt and sweat build-up it’s crucial to shampoo and condition your hair more frequently during these months. You do not want to neglect your hair at all, because now more than ever it needs to breathe. It’s trapped under hair nets, thread and tracks, so please show your hair some love. Try not to keep your sew-in in as long as you typically leave it in your hair. You want to give your actual hair a full washing sooner than later. If you want to eliminate the itching and pain, this tip is most important.

Finally, be sure to moisturize your braids and hair underneath your weave. Choose a horizontal braid pattern so that you can have easy access to your scalp. Spray on a little braid spray activator on your braids, and you’re good to go. This will help eliminate the itching as well.

So there you have it, a few tips to maintain your summer weave. If you have any advice we didn’t mention, let us know! We’re always looking for better ways to keep it right and tight this summer!

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