Steve McNair death 3 years later: Many unanswered questions remain

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Lost in the fireworks and festivities of July 4, was the three-year anniversary of the death of former NFL MVP Steve McNair. McNair, 36, was found dead on July 4, 2009, at his then-girlfriend’s apartment. McNair was the victim of what was later ruled a murder-suicide. BlackSportsOnline has more on this awful tragedy and why many questions remain unanswered:

In the end the police ruled it a murder/suicide and placed all the blame on McNair’s mistress. I never believed that and I still don’t.

Too many questions were left unanswered and some very shoddy police work by the Nashville PD in my mind has a killer or killers still roaming free on the streets.

I thought McNair’s death would smarten up some athletes about the women they were dealing with, but it really hasn’t and it makes you wonder will be the next McNair?

McNair was a warrior on the field but in the end it was his off the field decisions that caused him not to be with us today.

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