6-year-old rapper to star in another 'Booty Pop' like video

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Controversy sparked when 6-year-old Albert Roundtree, Jr. starred his own music video called “Booty Pop” using a “super soaker to hose down booty popping girls in bikinis.”  Now, the young boy’s parents are planning to create a second video featuring the child rapper called “Girls, Girls, Girls.” EurWeb.com reports:

After a music video called “Booty Pop” of a 6-year-old South Florida rapper named Albert Roundtree, Jr. debuted via YouTube (see it below), folks have been going in on the kid’s parents, saying they need to get arrested.

The youngster is recorded using a super soaker to hose down booty popping girls in bikinis. No, not a good look at all.

Even Vibe had to come down on the women who participated in the madness and even considered calling family services:

“At what point does stripping down to a bikini and shaking your ass in the face of a kid who should still be watching Nick Jr. sound like a good idea?” the publication asked.

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