Reporter accused of n-word tweet to rapper Yung Berg says he was hacked

theGRIO REPORT - A veteran Los Angeles TV reporter is being accused of sending a racist tweet to rapper Yung Berg...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

A veteran Los Angeles TV reporter is being accused of sending a racist tweet to rapper Yung Berg.  A tweet from the account of KTLA reporter Sam Rubin to Young Berg read “Fake a** ni**a”.

The tweet was followed by one that said “OOPS….I will explain later. But, biggest boo boo of the year. For reals.”

Rubin says that his Twitter account was hacked and that the tweet that followed the one in question was actually in reference to a press screening of The Dark Knight Rises where the movie “physically broke.”

Over the weekend Rubin tweeted, “Pardon Friends, my twitter has clearly been hacked. Will fix when I return home. Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn’t tweet that phrase ever.”

A blog post from the entertainment reporter,“How a Hack Hijacked My Being Hacked,”  went even further to try and set the record straight by giving a timeline of events and called out reporter Louis Peitzman for posting what Rubin described as “a lightly researched and incredibly inaccurate story” about his Twitter account:

Two stone facts, I do not, nor have I ever, used racist language in my broadcasts, my writings or my tweets; and I do not know who The Real Yung Berg is. Peitzman could have easily checked any of my earlier tweets, he only seemed to look at the one I sent out before the hacked tweet, and that tweet, help play into his theory of what had happened,” Rubin said in the blog post.

Rubin says that he sent out an apology tweet, not because he made the remarks, but because he felt  bad that something like that would be associate with him.

Rapper Yung Berg has not yet responded to the incident.

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