Nia Long: I've been an Obama supporter from 'day one'

Actress Nia Long is officially helping the Obama re-election effort, starring in a new video released by the president’s campaign team on Tuesday.

The 41-year-old actress, most famous for her roles in Boyz n the Hood, Friday and Love Jones, spoke to theGrio about why she is getting involved and less importantly, which of her films the president has seen.

Why did you decide to get involved?

Nia Long: I’ve been a supporter of President Obama from day one and for me, this time around I have that moment in my life … I looked up and I thought to myself, my grandmother is 93-years-old, she suffers from Alzheimer’s, my mother is in her 60’s and I have an 11-year-old and a 7-month-old.

I want to make sure they have the proper health car as they start to get older. My son will start going to college in less than 10 years. All of the issues that President Obama is working on have more relevance to my life than ever before.

What kind of people do you think you will motivate to go vote?

My core audience is the African-American community, my core audience is the disenfranchised. The person who feels like politics doesn’t matter. Yes, I”m an actress. Yes, I’ve made a fine living for myself. But my interests and concerns are the same as the person who I grew up with in Brooklyn.

Are people as excited (about President Obama) as before?

I (recently) went to a local soul food restaurant in Michigan …. and everyone said they are going to vote. People are rooting for Barack. People are taking the responsibility they need to take to be involved.

Have you met him?

Yes, twice.

Has he seen Love Jones?

When I talked to him, he said ‘I love Good Hair with you and Chris Rock.’ I assume he has seen Love Jones, because it was shot in Chicago.