African-American man about to kiss someone
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From I’ll never forget a conversation I had in college with a friend of mine. She and a young man she was interested in had been doing “the dance” that is courting one another, and in the midst of meeting up for cheap dates that young and broke people like to partake in, she let me know that she was really into him. And why wouldn’t she be? He was MAD cute, really sweet, and had one of the nicest pair of lips I’d seen on a brotha in a while…

Sorry, I trailed off at the thought of those things. *Shudders* Anyway, with all that and a good head on his shoulders, she saw a lot in him that she liked a lot.

But that was until they kissed.

“He can’t kiss, like he’s horrible,” she told me while laughing during one of our many lunches together. She talked about him in almost a pathetic way (hence all the laughing she was doing) while I was more heartbroken at the fact that a man with lips like his didn’t know how to use them. But I guess that’s the same thing as a guy having a nice “package” and not knowing how to work it. Instead of being sensual, she damn near felt like she was drowning in his puckers, and to add insult to injury, homeboy thought he was killing the game during their makeout sessions. Fail.

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