Jill Scott hairstyle: The new soul superstar goes for the big chop with short natural afro

Jill Scott has been one of the pioneers of natural hair looks. Her signature large, curly afro (which became so popular, it was often dubbed the “Jill Scott” in the look books of some salons) was just one of the many regal ‘dos the performer made famous.

Braids embellished with beads, dreadlock extensions, and even beautiful head wraps were among the large array of Scott’s Afrocentric coiffure. So you can imagine the unrest that ensued in some circles when Scott turned to straight styles, like the one you see above, for the last two years.

Now the new soul superstar has gone in for the big chop, sporting a super-short natural afro for her recent appearances at Somerset House in England. “After rocking a relaxer for two years, Jill Scott is back with ‘a natural’,” the Black Girl With Long Hair blog relates. “Jill rocked a TWA [teeny weeny afro] cut into a box shape and she looked radiant! It’s interesting because in a 2011 interview with Afrobella Jill mentioned her discomfort with being viewed as ‘the spokesperson of natural hair.’

“Nevertheless, I know a lot of naturals are happy to see her rocking the curls again,” the popular black hair care outlet relates.

Clearly refusing to style her hair to please others, Scott is certainly showcasing her aesthetic flexibility by jumping from long and straight locks to short and natural on a whim.

Take a look at the new Jill Scott, and let us know: do you approve of her new “TWA”?

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