Zimmerman's lawyer seek a 'chat' with conservative bloggers?

theGRIO REPORT - according to one supporter who frequents a conservative, pro-Zimmerman website called The Conservative Treehouse, Mark O'Mara offered more than a form email...

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It isn’t every day that a blogger gets an email from an attorney in a high profile murder case. But according to one supporter who frequents a conservative, pro-Zimmerman website called The Conservative Treehouse, Mark O’Mara offered more than a form email. He requested a chat.

O’Mara represents George Zimmerman, who faces second degree murder charges in the killing of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman has found strong support from conservative media and blogs. His case has become a cause célèbre among Second Amendment advocates, opponents of civil rights leaders like Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (and of President Barack Obama, who drew conservative ire by saying that if he had a son, he’d have looked like Trayvon), as well as regular watchers of Fox News, where prime time host Sean Hannity even boasted about talking on the phone with Zimmerman during a time his own lawyers couldn’t reach him.

O’Mara, who took over the case after the previous attorneys quit, has not always gotten applause from Zimmerman supporters for his handling of the case. The “Treepers,” as the users of the site call themselves, have faulted his genial manner and his arguments, which they deemed insufficiently hard-hitting. They seethed when O’Mara described the fatal confrontation between the 28-year-old neighborhood watch coordinator and the Miami teen, who had been visiting Sanford with his father — as a “horrible intersection of two young men’s lives” that “ended in tragedy.” And they demanded he go after Trayvon Martin’s reputation, his parents, and what they call the “scheme team” — the attorneys representing Martin’s family.

“Well, I think he needs to verbally attack Trayvon Martin more, for one, regardless of how the media disagrees. I think he did a good job of explaining why the 7/11 video is relevant,” was a common complaint, from someone calling himself Lou da Jew. “He needs to ask how it must feel to get bashed in the head with a slab of concrete.

Another Treeper called SundanceCracker wrote: “Previously I refrained from opinion on O’Mara, but after watching his approach to the various case issues I think George Zimmerman would be better served with a different attorney taking lead.”

But it was unhappiness with O’Mara’s tactics at the June 29 second bond hearing, after which the judge imposed a $1 million bond, that prompted one Zimmerman fan, calling themselves GZtheCourageous, to voice their complaints to O’Mara in a June 30th email, sent with the subject line: Disappointed! “To be honest,” GZTheCourageous wrote. “many of us are disappointed watching you in the second hearing with Judge Lester. I personally felt you were whispering the strong points, and rather loud and repetitious on the weak points.” It goes on to point out the diligent work Treepers have done researching the case, and combing through discovery and news articles to ferret out information that will help free Zimmerman. “The treehouse think tank has done much research on the case from the beginning. But they began a thread discussing your approach at the second hearing.”