South Africa recalls 500,000 HIV test kits

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South Africa now needs to recall 500,000 HIV/AIDS test that they ordered from South Korea earlier this year, even though the World Health Organization (WHO) issued notices about the issues with the tests at the end of last year. Yahoo News reports the tests have a high rate of inconclusive results and were flagged by the WHO.

 South Africa is recalling 500,000 HIV test kits it ordered from aSouth Korean company despite a World Health Organisation(WHO) warning over inconclusive results, the health ministry said Tuesday.

Authorities are investigating how the SD Bioline tests were ordered earlier this year after the WHO issued notices in November last year, health spokesman Joe Maila said.

“The set order was about 500,000, and all of them have been recalled as a precaution,” Maila told AFP.

The South Korean company issued a recall after the WHO again in June flagged the problem.

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