Beyoncé's 'Countdown' rebooted in a snuggie (VIDEO)

african kings

Beyoncé fans around the world love to remake her dance videos in an attempt to honor her. However, the most recent homage  to grab the attention of YouTube viewers is “Countdown (Snuggie Version).” The star of the video is a teenaged boy sporting a blue snuggie and perfecting Beyonce’s notable choreography. The video which was uploaded on July 9th by kkpalmer1000  has gone viral and received more than 85,000 views. The fan makes a point to note the video is an honor of the Grammy Award winning singer by stating: “This is for Queen Bey.The song and concept belongs to her.Made by me..TON.Enjoy 🙂 Thanks for all the support.”

Although the video is visibly shot in the boy’s home that did not take away from the quality. The “Countdown” remake attempted to capture all of the same color schemes and costumes that appeared in Beyoncé’s original video while also providing humor. If you don’t believe this video is almost entirely in sync the original clip, check out the side-by-side comparison that the creator also provides:

Do you think Beyoncé will love or hate this video?