5 things George Zimmerman told Sean Hannity that may come back to haunt him

George Zimmerman gave an exclusive interview to Fox News host Sean Hannity Wednesday, telling the conservative commentator he had no regrets about the incidents surrounding the shooting of Trayvon Martin, but that he was sorry for Martin’s family. Prosecutors have now added transcripts of the Hannity interview to their packet of evidence in the case, and that means some of Zimmerman’s statements on Fox could resurface in his second degree murder trial.

So what did Zimmerman say that could have piqued the interest of prosecutors?

1. Trayvon wasn’t running. 

Hannity seemed taken aback when Zimmerman repeatedly insisted that Trayvon Martin wasn’t running, since Zimmerman told the police dispatcher that he was. The Fox News host asked Zimmerman to try to “get into the mind-set” of the teen, and questioned whether he might have been running from Zimmerman because he was afraid of him and didn’t know who Zimmerman was. Zimmerman’s one word response to that proposition: “no.”

You don’t think — why do you think that he was running then?” Hannity asked, to which Zimmerman replied that maybe he “said running,” but that Martin was “more … like skipping, going away quickly. But he wasn’t running out of fear.”

You could tell the difference?” Hannity asked, to which Zimmerman replied more emphatically: “He wasn’t running.” Hannity asked again: “So he wasn’t actually running?” And Zimmerman reiterated, “No, sir.”

Hannity, who has been sympathetic to Zimmerman and didn’t cross-examine him forcefully during the interview, eventually gave up on that line of questioning, but not before adding, “OK. Because that’s what you said to the dispatcher, that you thought he was running.”

Meanwhile, Zimmerman said on the 911 tape, as he was describing where he was inside the gated community the Retreat at Twin Lakes on February 26th:

“… you go straight in, don’t turn, and make a left. Sh*t, he’s running.”

The dispatcher asked, “he’s running? Which way is he running?” to which Zimmerman responded, “down towards the other entrance to the neighborhood.” A few seconds later, Zimmerman tells the dispatcher, “he ran,” and then begins trying to give directions to where his truck is parked.