Chad Ochocinco offers his words of widsom on women, friends

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Chad Ochocinco has decided to lend a few words of wisdom to his peers regarding life off the field. In a recent post on Ochocinco News Network, Johnson examines the recent issues faced by his peers. The issues range from legal troubles to females as well as friends. Johnson gives his advice through the use of 6 rules using the acronyms AFC and NFC. Ochocinco News Network reports:

It’s unfortunate that a lot of my peers have been getting into some serious trouble this off-season. What is it like 28 now? I have lost count. Thus, I figured I would share with you the 6 AFC and NFC acronyms I use to stay out of trouble.


So you want to get wasted. The dumbest –ish you can do in 2012 is publicly party like it is 99. Mofos in the club will be live tweeting your buffoonery for the world to see. You are in the NFL, making millions and you got a mansion. Bring the party home dammit.


No need anymore. We out the hood now. Get a bodyguard if you are still that paranoid.


A Crew is not needed. Just ask Drake and Chris Brown. Roll solo, it will save you money and trouble.

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