'The Dark Knight Rises': Was Eartha Kitt the best Catwoman?

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The most highly anticipated film of the summer — The Dark Knight Rises — opens this weekend. This final film of director Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed Batman trilogy introduces his interpretation of the classic Catwoman character (this time played by actress Anne Hathaway). Of course any Batman fan knows this is only the latest incarnation of this sexy anti-hero and some would argue far from the definitive one.

On the big screen, Michelle Pfeiffer made a terrific impression in 1992’s Batman Returns, but the less said about Halle Berry’s ill-fated Catwoman film the better. Although, she did show a good sense of humor about it by accepting a Worst Actress Razzie Award for the box-office bomb in person.

Back in the 1960s, a campy TV version of Batman was a big hit with audiences. On that show, no fewer than three beautiful actresses played the superhero’s most memorable female antagonist. The late Eartha Kitt, a barrier-breaking sex symbol, singer and actress, has long been a fan favorite, and she inspired this tribute video:


Who do you think was the best Catwoman ever? Can anyone hold a candle to Eartha Kitt’s performance?