Marion Barry is still the most beloved politician in Washington DC

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NBC WASHINGTON – Sometimes you need to dig deep into polling data to find curious insights on public opinion. Other times, the results stare you right in the face.

Take one look at the recent Washington Post poll of District residents and you will see Marion Barry staring you in the face.

Barry is rated higher than any elected City Hall official in D.C.

That bears repeating. Barry is number one.

52 percent of District residents have a favorable opinion of him.

None of the city officials named in the Post poll come close to Barry. (Oddly, the Post failed to report this revelation in its coverage of the poll.)

Barry rates 17 points higher than Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans who, at 35 percent, is second in popularity to the Mayor-for-Life.

What does Barry’s supremacy say about the state of the District?

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