Ice-T calls Rush Limbaugh a 'racist piece of sh*t'

Ice-T is not shy about sharing his opinions. Just one day after he became the darling of right-wing bloggers because he advocated for gun owners in the wake of the movie theater shooting in Colorado, he lashed out at conservative radio shock jock Rush Limbaugh. The Law & Order: SVU star called Limbaugh a “racist piece of sh*t.” The Politico reports:

Rush Limbaugh praised Ice-T on Tuesday for knowing the word “tyranny” — and the rapper and reality show star slammed the radio host as “a racist piece of sh–” for the comment.

Ice-T told Channel 4 London in a recent interview that “the right to bear arms is because that’s the last form of defense against tyranny,” prompting Limbaugh to praise the rapper for defending gun rights, but also dub the use of the word “tyranny” as “double impressive.”

“He knew the word ‘tyranny,’” Limbaugh said Tuesday, according to a transcript of his show, “and he knows that tyranny comes from government representatives. Double impressive.”

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