Kobe Bryant rape joke made on WWE

theGRIO REPORT - WWE manager, Abraham Washington, makes a Kobe Bryant rape joke during 'Monday Night Raw'..

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

During a wrestling match involving Titus O’Neil on last night’s WWE Raw, his manager, Abraham Washington (A.W.), needed a way to describe how well his wrestler was doing. And the best thing he could think of was to make an inappropriate, not to mention dated, joke.

While ringside, Washington proclaimed, “he’s like Kobe Bryant at a hotel in Colorado! He’s unstoppable!”

The comment was clearly referencing Bryant’s infamous 2003 sexual assault case, in which he was accused of raping a woman in a Colorado hotel room. The case was settled out of court.

Immediately following the WWE manager’s comments, the Monday Night Raw announcers issued an apology, as well as Washington himself.  TMZ reports that “WWE has taken appropriate action in the matter,” but did not mention specific punishments for the comment.

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