Bob Beckal, Fox News host, calls Republican campaign ad 'flat out lie and distortion'

Fox News anchor, Bob Beckal, is a co-host of the political debate show The Five.  After airing a campaign ad by Republican Scott Brown, Beckal responded by calling it a “flat out lie and distortion.”  The Daily Mail reports:

A Fox News host turned on his own Network during a live debate for airing a clip he described as ‘a flat out lie’.

Liberal Bob Beckal was co-hosting political debate show The Five when he slammed a campaign ad by Republican Scott Brown stating: ‘Once again we put something on the air that’s a flat out lie and distortion’.

The ad features clips of previous presidents Clinton and Carter praising free enterprise, which is then contrasted against a short outtake from President Obama’s recent comments on government paying for infrastructure crucial for  businesses thrive.

Watch the video here:

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