The music video for “I Wish You Would”, thesecond single off DJ Khaled’s new album Kiss The Ring, was released this morning. The clip features Rick Ross and Kanye West, was directed by the legend Hype Williams, and perhaps most surprisingly a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo from reality TV star and Kanye’s girlfriend Kim Kardashian

“I Wish You Would” has Ross and Ye’ performing in an industrial tunnel where they go bar for bar before they transition to Kanye’s single “Cold”.

“Cold” was the first single where West professed his love for his current girlfriend, and Kardashian makes a brief cameo in the video to support her man.

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Click here to to watch the “I Wish You Could” /”Cold” feat. Rick Ross and Kanye West.

Feel free to check out ‘Mini Kanye’ rap in this home made version of “Cold” too.

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