Rashida Jones tells John Travolta to 'come out', then apologizes

Actress Rashida Jones ('Parks and Recreation') is wading into the controversy swirling around actor John Travolta...

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Actress Rashida Jones (Parks and Recreation) is wading into the controversy swirling around actor John Travolta. For years Travolta has been dogged by gay rumors and the speculation grew even louder after several male masseurs accused him of sexually harassing them. Jones, who is the daughter of legendary producer Quincy Jones, thinks that Travolta should stop being bashful about his orientation and “come out” already. She talked about Travolta and more in an interview with Spinning Platters.com:

As if her skyrocketing acting career, Harvard education, impeccable comic timing, exquisite beauty, and legendary lineage weren’t threatening enough, Rashida Jones comes one step closer to total world domination with the release of Celeste and Jesse Forever. In addition to being her largest film role to date, Celeste and Jesse marks Jones’ screenwriting debut; she co-wrote the film with actor Will McCormack, who also appears in the film, and whom Jones briefly dated in the late ’90s before jointly realizing they were better as friends. Sadly, that kind of relationship decision-making wisdom eludes the title characters in their film, Celeste (Jones) and Jesse (Andy Samberg), an LA couple attempting to navigate a divorce while remaining best friends. Needless to say, these good intentions merely end up paving the freeway to heartache hell in this disarmingly intelligent, emotionally honest alternative to the usual rom-com fluff.

Celeste is a high-powered media consultant and trend forecaster; she’s just published her first book and landed a major new client, insolent Miley-meets-Ke$ha pop star Riley (Emma Roberts), who is seeking Celeste’s input on rebranding. Jesse is a good-hearted slacker cartoonist who never seems to finish any of his projects, and whose ostensible haplessness has maybe led Celeste to believe he’ll always need her and never move on to anyone else. They’ve been together for their entire adult lives, and although they’ve decided to divorce, Celeste thinks she’ll always have Jesse around in whatever capacity she needs him. But as they each begin taking steps to move on with their lives, their vow to remain friends is tested by circumstances both foreseeable and unexpected.

Directed by Lee Toland Krieger (The Vicious Kind) and co-starring Elijah Wood and Chris Messina, Celeste and Jesse Forever is not only a solid writing debut, but also the rawest performance we’ve yet seen from the usually unflappable Ms. Jones (whom, just in case you were unaware, is the progeny of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton). Below, Spinning Platters sits down with Jones and McCormack for a spirited, wide-ranging discussion on everything from dirty drawings and Twitter frustration to Parks and Recreation‘s Emmy snub and how John Travolta just needs to come out already.

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UPDATE: After her comments created a firestorm, Jones went on Twitter to apologize for her remarks. ‘Made a thoughtless comment about John Travolta. I sincerely apologize,” Jones wrote Nobody’s personal life is my business.”