Why are all the presidential debate moderators white?

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced this year's group of presidential debate moderators, and they are all white...

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The Commission on Presidential Debates announced this year’s group of presidential debate moderators.  Of the four moderators chosen, two of them are women, but none of them are black.  Why is there such a lack of diversity?  The Huffington Post reports:

As people cheer the presence of two women on the just-released list of presidential and vice presidential debate moderators, another question is lingering in the air: why are the hosts all white?

On Monday, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that Candy Crowley, Jim Lehrer and Bob Schieffer have been chosen to moderate the three debates in October between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. ABC’s Martha Raddatz will host the vice presidential debates.

The selection of Crowley and Raddatz was music to the ears of people who had demanded the inclusion of women on the list. Yet, as Tampa Bay Times television writer Eric Deggans noted, it will be the first time since 1996 — when Lehrer moderated every single debate — that there has been no person of color questioning any of the candidates for the White House.

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