Mia Love lands prime-time speaking spot at Republican National Convention

The Salt Lake Tribune reports Mia Love will be speaking at the Republican Nation Convention in Florida. Love, 37, is a Utah congressional candidate and a Mormon, who’s becoming a rising star in the Republican party. She is to be featured during a prime-time spot on August 28th.

Utah congressional candidate Mia Love will have a place in the national spotlight, landing a prime-time speaking role at the Republican National Convention, the party announced Tuesday.

Love, who is challenging six-term incumbent Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson, will address the GOP gathering in Tampa on the evening of Aug. 28, a coveted prime-time slot for the candidate who has been billed as a rising Republican star.

“The message I want to convey is that Barack Obama has accelerated this country into a downward spiral and that the only way there’s any hope of getting out of this is electing Mitt Romney,” Love said. “So I’m hoping everyone is inspired and ready to go out and do whatever they can to help Mitt Romney and [running mate] Paul Ryan get elected.”

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