Tina Knowles on Beyoncé's parenting style: 'You've got to man up and get a little tougher'

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In a recent appearance on Access Hollywood to preview fall looks from her fashion lines, Miss Tina and House of Deréon, Tina Knowles shared some inside information on what life is like with little Blue Ivy Carter.

“Blue Ivy is wonderful. I just saw her yesterday. She’s starting to scoot, to crawl,” she told the hosts.

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When asked whether Beyoncé is spoiling her, Mama Knowles responded, “Of course she is! We all are.” Knowles also added that Beyonce is spoiling her more than anyone else in the family.

Miss Tina described a family scenario in which she tried to assist Beyoncé in teaching Blue Ivy a little independence by placing a phone out of the infants’ reach and prompting her to crawl toward it.

The grandmother told the superstar, “Let her crawl.” But Blue Ivy had a better idea.

“And then she starts looking at her mom, and then her mom hands it to her,” Knowles revealed about the baby getting her way. “You’ve got to man up and get a little tougher,” Tina Knowles said regarding her daughter’s parenting chops.

Knowles also shared that the family nickname for the Caters’ first child is “just Blue, or Blue-Blue.”

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The elder Knowles might have a different approach to parenting due to the generation gap. The more disciplined approach is certainly very common among African-Americans of older segments, as most would agree based on anecdotal observation.

What do you think? Should parents “man up” when rearing a child of under one year?

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