It looks like American Idol will have all new faces for their judges table this year. After 11 seasons, Randy Jackson is reportedly leaving his post as a judge on the show. For months there has been speculation that Jackson’s role on American Idol would be changing, and according to TMZ, Jackson is officially no longer a judge, but will remain a part of the show as a “mentor” for contestants.

There is no word yet on whether Jackson’s decision to leave the judges’ panel was one he made on his own or a decision producers made.

Idol sources revealed to TMZ that “there’s some concern among the brass that Jackson is not well-suited for the mentor role, but feel they need him because he’s the glue that helps keep the show together.”

So far, Mariah Carey is the only judge officially on-board for the upcoming season of Idol. Nicki Minaj is rumored to be a second judge. The “I Am Your Leader” rapper’s deal is said to be almost done, but still not a sure thing yet.

Aside from Carey and possibly Minaj as judges, other celebrities rumored to be in the running include Kanye West, Aretha Franklin, Pharrell Williams and Enrique Eglesias, Keith Urban, and Brad Paisley.

Jackson, who co-manages Carey, has yet to speak out publicly about the recent reports that he is leaving his post as an Idol judge.

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