Laquan Smith Spring 2013: Young black designer makes a big splash with light, bright collection

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From Clutch MagazineLaquan Smith is only 24 and yet has already established himself as a supremely talented designer.  Whether inspired by the colors and fluidity of water, or by the garden scenery during his many travels, Laquan produces collections that are beautiful, modern and decidedly feminine.

He has a great grasp of the female body, creating silhouettes that elongate the legs and accentuate the curvy form. But the most appealing quality of the Laquan Smith woman is her attitude. She is bold, sassy, adventurous and sensual. She has fun with trends but doesn’t blindly subscribe to them. And she is comfortable in her skin and unafraid to command the most attention in any room she enters.

His Spring 2013 collection, produced after only two years in the fashion industry, is a tribute to that woman.

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