President Obama and the first lady visit 'The View'

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President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama visited The View on Monday for a taping that aired on Tuesday. During a break from attending a United Nations assemblage of world leaders, President Obama joined his wife to discuss politics and family life with Barbara Walters and her crew of View hosts, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Lloyd Grove of The Daily Beast believes that the president “charmed everyone’s socks off” during the talk, even leading the vocally Republican Hasselbeck to tell Barack and Michelle: “I wholeheartedly do really like you both.” Grove’s great summary of the affection-and-anecdote-filled chat Barack and Michelle shared with the American constituency notes that:

  • The Obamas won’t celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, Oct. 3, the night of the first presidential debate, but will wait until Saturday.
  • Michelle said her husband is “very loving, very giving … very funny” but “I’m funnier.” Also, “I’m probably one of the few people who can really make him mad—any number of ways.” To which the president replied: “By being thoroughly unreasonable.”
  • Michelle wants to go on a “long vacation” when the presidency ends, possibly retracing their honeymoon—a car drive down the California coast. Barack, meanwhile, would like to mentor kids.
  • He thinks Michelle “would be terrific” in public office, “but temperamentally I don’t think” she’s suited for the politics. “I’m not that patient,” Michelle agreed.
  • Their daughters, who are 11 and 14, don’t have a lot of time for him. “Five minutes … and then ‘Bye,’” he revealed.

Obama also briefly addressed the tragic death of U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya and the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi.

For her appearance, “Mrs. O paired a green full-skirted, square-neckline dress with layered necklaces and red heels,” a style blog dedicated to chronicling Michelle Obama’s looks observed. But for a light program focused on female issues, the Obama’s visit to The View has stirred commentary reaching way beyond hemline of the first lady’s garment.

The president’s decision to devote a significant portion of his 24-hour stay in New York City to The View (plus a brief appearance on The Today Show) raised the hackles of critics.

While the president was presenting The View’s creator Barbara Walters with a basket of White House goodies for her birthday, important meetings between world leaders were simultaneously taking place. The president did give the traditional address to the United Nations that is expected for such an assemblage of foreign dignitaries on Tuesday. He also attended a U.N. party on Monday to socialize with important leaders. But was that enough?