Kobe Bryant became the second Los Angeles Laker this week to make an appearance on Ellen, and he shared some insights with the talk show host on President Barack Obama‘s ‘trash-talk’.

Bryant has visited with the president on several occasions, including some pick-up basketball games with fellow NBA stars. DeGeneres asked Bryant if the president talked a lot of trash on the court.

“He talks a lot of trash,” Bryant cracked. “Bulls this, Bulls that…I’m like ‘My goodness…’.”

President Obama has made clear his loyalty to the Chicago Bulls throughout his presidency. Earlier, Bryant praised the president as a “very, very, good” player.

“He’s a left-hander, has a nice jumper,” Bryant told Ellen of the president’s ‘scouting report’.

In addition to dishing on the president’s hoop skills, Bryant also discussed his recent Olympic gold medal in London and charity work outside of basketball.

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