African-American high school student allegedly hazed with a noose by white teammates

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The city of Wynne, Arkansas is getting some unwanted attention after white students on the high school junior varsity football team were accused of hazing an African-American student with a noose. reports seven Wynne High School students are alleged to have put nooses around the unidentified student’s neck as part of the hazing ritual.

“There was an incident in the ninth grade locker room,” Superintendent Carl Easley told “Two students are being recommended for expulsion and five have been suspended from school.”

The students may face not just school disciplinary action but criminal charges as well. Members of staff may also find themselves in trouble.

“Kids at no time should be left unsupervised and we’re gonna have to revisit how we supervise students,” said Easley.

“We love Wynne, and it’s a good school system, and sometimes we just mess up,” an unidentified white parent tells KSDK.

Black and white parents are upset about the incident in a city known as the “City with a smile.”

Hazing has received renewed media attention due to incidents like the hazing incident at FAMU, which resulted in the death of drum major Robert Champion, and the suicide of Private Danny Chen after continuous hazing at the hands of his fellow soldiers.

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