Lark Voorhies, best known for her role as Lisa Turtle on the hit ‘90s television series Saved by the Bell is allegedly battling bipolar disorder according to her mother.

Following what was characterized as a bizarre interview with Yahoo! which went viral and a series of interviews with People where the actress allegedly appeared incoherent, her mother, Tricia Voorhies, 64, revealed that her daughter had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

According to E-Online, the older Voorhies said, “There are things that have traumatized her… I care deeply about my daughter and I want her to resume her life.”

However, Lark, 38, who shares a Pasadena home with her mother, refuted any claims of her being bipolar, saying, the concerns are the result of having an “over-loving” mom.

The actress, who hasn’t been in the spot light as much as the other Saved by the Bell alums addressed her so called bizarre behavior during the interview saying, “I have a strong spiritual sense. You caught me in moments of pray.”

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