The popular 1990s’ Kenya doll is set to hit the shelves, again. The Huffington Post reports, the classic Kenya doll will be available in three skin tones. She will come with a bottle of Motion, a style guide and hair accessories, just like in the 90’s.

Production stopped in 1996 after a “failed license change” but Neil Devine, co-President and CEO of Kenya told the Huffington Post, “We want to use Kenya as an historical brand, to be able to springboard our message of pride within the family and community”. The relaunch will also include infant and tween products.

Remember the Kenya dolls from the 90’s that captured nearly every little brown girl’s heart? Well, they’re back!

Kenya first hit shelves in 1992 and became an overnight success — consistently selling out in stores across the country and ultimately becoming one of the cult favorite toys of the decade. Created to provide girls of color with a toy that reflected their appearance (both their skin tone and features) and could be used as a tool to instill self-esteem, the dolls are arguably just as important today as they were then.

We can almost hear the squeals of joy coming from the countless black women in their 20’s as they read this post and remember their childhood days with Kenya in tow.

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