Ohio voter fraud billboard accused of intimidating black voters

theGRIO REPORT - A new anti-'voter fraud' billboard in Cleveland, Ohio is stirring debate and allegations for voter intimidation...

A new anti-“voter fraud” billboard financed by a private family foundation in Cleveland, Ohio is stirring debate and allegations of voter intimidation. Across from a subsidized housing development, a few blocks from three other projects, and down the street from Cuyahoga Community College, the huge sign reads: “Voter fraud is a felony. Up to 3 1/2 yrs and $10,000 fine.”

“This is blatant voter intimidation,” City Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland told the left wing blog Plunderbund. “A direct attack in the heart of African-American community meant to scare people and keep them from exercising their right to vote.”

This is not the first time conservative Republicans have been accused of voter intimidation.

Clear Channel, the media conglomerate that provided the space for this recent sign was protested in 2010 for approving a similar sign.

Students of Ohio State University also had their voter registrations challenged by members of a Tea Party Group, True the Vote, because they failed to provide a specific dorm room number on their application.

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