Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson share their secrets for a happy marriage in anticipation of new show

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Singer Keyshia Cole and Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel Gibson are a happily married couple in the spotlight who delight in each other’s company.

“We’re inseparable no matter where we are. We always talk. We’re always on the phone,” Gibson told in a recent interview. “We enjoy each other’s company, so any time we spend time apart, we automatically start missing each other. I think that’s why our relationship is just so much fun. We have fun with everything.”

But as blissful as this may seem, the truth remains that anything worth having takes work. Cole stated that emphatically about the positive nature of their union.

“Being happily married takes work, so it’s not like, we’re just happy all the time,” she told the black women’s outlet about how they make their love last. “But we’re just growing and learning each other constantly. We’re just having so much fun with [our son] DJ. The smile that he puts on our faces every day is amazing.”

Cole and Gibson shared their secrets for a happy marriage and family life with in anticipation of their new reality show, Keyshia and Daniel: Family First, premiering tonight on BET. The first episode promises a recap of the couple’s Hawaii wedding when it airs at 10 pm — yet the public shouldn’t expect every episode to be filled with wedded bliss.

“You can’t expect everything to be perfect in your marriage,” Gibson said. “If that’s the person you’re married to, you have to love ‘em enough to be able to accept whatever flaws they have. You have to take the good with the bad and I think for some people, at the first sign of bad they run the other way. But that’s not what marriage is.”

Will you be watching Keyshia and Daniel: Family First tonight?

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