Biden brings the fire at vice presidential debate

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DANVILLE, Kentucky – Joe Biden seemed to watch everything President Obama did last week in his debate and do the exact opposite.

The president looked on as Mitt Romney spoke over the moderator last week, seeming more observer than participant at times. Biden repeatedly interrupted not only Paul Ryan but also ABC’s Martha Raddatz.

Obama didn’t bring up Mitt Romney’s controversial 47 percent remark, but the vice-president attacked not only that one, but a similar 30 percent remark Ryan made.

Obama wouldn’t accuse Romney of lying, while Biden at one point accused Ryan of speaking ” a bunch of malarkey”¬† and later said, “not a single thing he’s said has been accurate.”

Biden at times seemed determined to list every fact possible to rebut Ryan, reeling off controversial comments and stands by Romney and Ryan.

The debate wasn’t a blowout: Ryan gave strong answers on many questions, and Biden’s smirking and interruptions at times seemed over the top.

But Biden’s performance is likely to comfort Democrats, who have been worried over the last week’s debate, which resulted in Romney moving to a tie in most polls with the president. It could blunt a further shift away from the president.

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