Conrad Murray's lawyers claim he is suffering in jail

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Dr. Conrad Murray, currently serving a four-year sentence for the death of pop legend Michael Jackson, had his lawyers draft a legal letter to the Los Angeles County jail officials with claims that he is suffering in jail, and they are not ruling out monitored home confinement as a possible solution.

Standing at 6-foot-5, and confined to a 5-by-7 foot cell, Murray was rushed to the hospital the hospital this week and because he had blood clot in his legs.

The sheriff’s department spokeswoman Nicole Nishda said Murray is not dying in jail, adding, “He is receiving really good treatment… He has some issues and concerns, and we’re working with him.”

The Daily News reported that legal letter claims that Murray is suffering dangerously slow blood flow in his lower extremities, coupled with shoulder pain and loss of mobility. His lawyer Michael Flanagan, added that Murray’s high-profile status requires that he be segregated from the jail’s general population.

TMZ also got hold of a recording from a jailhouse phone call, and  Murray is heard complaining in details to an unheard and unidentified party the about the his hospitalization and the nature of his current living arrangement. He said, “I was taken to LAC USC medical to have an ultrasound of my lower extremities. I suspected that I may have had a blood clot.” He continues to detail his deteriorating health due to the small jail cell he has been confined to.

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