is a site dedicated to bringing individuals together who believe in choosing “character above color.”

The site claims to “encourage and embolden people of all races, cultures and creeds” who want to date individuals for reasons other than the color of their skin.

In a recent press release, Interracial Dating announced some intriguing new findings. Of the twenty states with the most people seeking interracial partners, ten of them were states that “historically voted Republican over the past five presidential elections.”

Alabama is the number 15 state for interracial dating on the site, even though language on miscegenation wasn’t officially removed from their constitution until as late as 2000. States in the South with checkered racial histories and socially conservative reputations, such as Texas, Georgia, Virginia and North Carolina, are in the top ten, with Texas being the number two state for members on the site seeking interracial relationships.

Rob Thomspson, founder of, said on the recent statistics,”the demand is there because it might be harder for people to gauge who might be open to dating inter-racially. Online dating gives people the ability to seek out like-minded people more easily than it would be face to face.”

Liberal states like California and New York are at the top, like many might assume they would be.

“The media narrative for the past 40-50 years is that all conservatives care about themselves and their white friends and they don’t care about black people … It makes you a bit reluctant to approach a woman for fear that you might be rejected,” said Shaun Brown, 26 of Richmond Virginia. His girlfriend is black and he is white.

“With online dating, you don’t have that fear or anxiety of wondering if you ask a girl out on a date she would say, ‘Oh no, I could never date you because you’re white.'”

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