Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter
Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter. (Photo: Tumblr)

From Frugivore Magazine: For $1,700-a-night, you too can receive the “Beyonce” treatment at Lenox Hill Hospital’s ultra posh maternity ward for the 1%. The rest of the 99% population will have to deal with the norm at Lenox Hill, which includes overworked nurses, a nurse baby ratio of 18:1, and life without plush carpet and flat screen televisions.

The executive suites at Lenox Hill provides mothers with their own private nurse, which has left the hospital scrambling to reassign the already overworked nurses in the regular ward. “It’s incredibly stressful,” one nurse who’s worked at Lenox Hill for decades told the Daily News. “You have too many babies. You can’t do all you need to do for them.”

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