Barack Obama celebrity endorsements: Superstar supporters of the president

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President Barack Obama has received celebrity endorsements from literally dozens of members of America’s creative class. Ranging from fashion designers to rappers — and even chefs — the folks who power the nation’s culture industry have lined up to help ensure the success of the Obama/Biden ticket. Obama supporters such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Will Smith, George Clooney and more have not only helped raise money for the incumbent leader from their fellow artistic elites; they have also stirred the base of voters into action with the same star quality that has attracted millions of fans.

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President Obama’s top celebrity endorsers have generated millions of dollars and raised the social clout of the president by association through social media interactions. But will this be enough to move the needle and help the Democrats secure the White House?

Citing Oprah Winfrey’s magical effect in 2008, when it is estimated that her endorsement of then-Senator Obama inspired 1 million people to choose him at the polls, The Daily Beast is skeptical that luminaries can have the same impact today.

Rather than any one star having the power to make a definitive difference, “Celebrity fundraising—in the form of personal donations, event hosting, and even bundling hundreds of thousands of dollars from a cadre of other well-heeled constituents—is a significant aspect of this year’s campaign,” the online outlet theorizes.

The Obama endorsers listed above have been extremely powerful in this regard. Many have raised at least $1 million for the Obama/Biden campaign, and some, like Nicki Minaj — with massive Twitter followings — have lent their affiliation with younger voters to reduce the typical apathy with this portion of the base.

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From Katy Perry in her “ballot dress” to Obama joking about the many personalities of Nicki Minaj, the A-listers named above have put their considerable power to work on behalf of President Obama’s re-elect campaign while captivating the public. Whether their varying avenues of influence will significantly assist the president remains to be seen until election day.

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