Melissa Harris Perry's 'This Week in Voter Supression' highlights theGrio 'dark money' investigation

On this week’s Melissa Harris Perry Show, Perry highlighted a joint investigation by theGrio and One Wisconsin Now that uncovered the secret funder behind a series of billboards that popped up in minority areas around Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2010 and 2012 warning of the consequences of alleged “voter fraud.” P

Perry then spoke to One Wisconsin Now’s Scot Ross, who connected the dots between the various “dark money” sources propping up conservative causes and politicians, including the man currently running for vice president with Mitt Romney; Paul Ryan.

Watch the Perry segment above, featuring Barbara Arnwine of the Lawyer’s Committee on Civil Rights Under Law, Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now, and of course, Melissa Harris-Perry.

And connect the “dark money” dots yourself below, courtesy of One Wisconsin Now: