Chris Brown on new clothing line Black Pyramid: 'It's about friendship'

theGRIO REPORT - During an interview with theGrio, Chris Brown talked about his new fashion venture and says his clothing line is about 'friendship'...

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Chris Brown couture? Yes, indeed, it’s true.

The pop star donned a fresh look and creative venture last night in Los Angeles, launching a collaborative line of street-savvy merchandise as part of a growing entrepreneurial endeavor through his new brand, Black Pyramid.

After premiering the initial designs in August, the Grammy Award-winning artist expanded on his recent enterprise by partnering with hip hop style-setters Pink + Dolphin to create an exclusive line of t-shirts, hoodies, hats and other gear for the young, free-spirited and city slickest of souls.

“It’s about friendship,” the 23-year-old told theGrio at a meet and greet, in-store signing with fans, relating the clothing line to his collective efforts in music. “It’s just like fashion and hanging out. Being able to collab with them, with my brand…It’s just getting off heat for what’s coming and what the future holds.”

Brown’s unique design for the brand melds together the logos of both companies to create the image of an upside down black pyramid with pink dolphins rising from the top. The series consists of casual tops and accessories that contrast gray and black retro tones, with splices of color, and turn simple drawings into stenciled iconography.

The idea first struck Brown when he met the Pink + Dolphin crew on the set of his music video “My Last” with Big Sean, and a friendship quickly developed. The singer says he generally pursues business projects based on like-minded camaraderie, thus his choice to embark on the proposal with the designer team was built on a bond.

“A couple years ago, we was like, ‘man, we just trying to get noticed,” the star said, pointing out the growing attention the store has received over the past year. “It’s gonna be beneficial to everybody.”

For Pink + Dolphin, the deal with Brown marks the boutique company’s latest fruitful endeavor in the music world, following the production of designer lines with rappers 2 Chainz and Chief Keef earlier this year. The company opened up its flagship store in L.A. only months ago, and has been actively promoting itself in the online sphere as well.

“The brand is based on exclusivity – being unique, being different – that’s the whole background,” Pink + Dolphin CEO Neima Khaila said. “Pink dolphins are real animals – they’re an endangered species – that’s what we modeled the whole brand after.”