Indiana man stuck with Romney face tattoo

theGRIO REPORT - Eric Hartsburg, a wrestler from Indiana literally shed blood for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Eric Hartsburg, a 30-year-old wrestler from Indiana, literally shed blood for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

After auctioning off a five-by-two inch space on his face, Hartsburg raised $5,000 on Ebay and got the Romney-Ryan’s campaign logo permanently inked on his face.

Hartsburg told Politico that he didn’t didn’t even tell his wife that he was going to do it until an hour before.

“Right away, she was taken aback,” he said. “My 15-year-old son, however, he was all about it.”

After Romney’s loss, Hartsburg’s neighbors are not letting him forget what he did.

“I’ve gotten a lot of negative stuff, a lot of ‘F U’s,’” said Hartsburg. “It’s all kinds of ribbage, man. … ‘Your guy lost!’ ‘What are you going to do now?’”

He says he has no regrets, no matter how disappointing the loss.

“I’m a tattoo guy, and it was something fun,” he said. “I was trying to make politics fun. I didn’t change no lives; I’m no hero. But I shed blood for this campaign, and I’m glad to know that I did all that I could.”

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