Map shows South has most racist post-election Obama tweets

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A group of researchers behind the user content analysis blog Floatingsheep have created an interactive map that tracks the number of racist tweets posted after President Barack Obama won the election last Tuesday.

Inspired by a Jezebel post on the spike in Twitter hate speech toward President Obama, the group monitored tweets with certain keywords for six days. The resulting map of 395 tweets shows the majority of racism on the social networking site came from the southeast region of the country.

Mississippi and Alabama ranked the highest for hateful tweets, closely followed by Georgia, Louisiana and Tennessee. States in other parts of the country, like North Dakota, Utah and Missouri, also scored high.

In contrast, the Northeast and West coast had a relatively lower number of racist tweets.

The website said the map serves as, “a useful reminder that technology reflects the society in which it is based, both the good and the bad.”

View the full interactive map here.

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