Atlantic City mayor calls Chris Christie 'racially insensitive'

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Atlantic City mayor Lorenzo Langford recently slammed New Jersey governor Chris Christie, calling him “petty,” “racially insensitive,” and “myopic” because he allegedly avoided his city during his tour of storm-damaged New Jersey alongside President Barack Obama.

In an interview with the Daily News, Langford said, “The White House called and said they were coming to Atlantic City, and I think the governor changed that and decided to go to Brigantine instead … that shows how petty he is, number one. And racially insensitive, number two. And politically myopic, number three.”

Langford has been at the receiving end of criticism from Christie because he allegedly disobeyed direct orders and put lives at risk by not forcing all Atlantic City residents to evacuate before Sandy hit.

However, the outspoken mayor is standing his ground, he said, “I don’t accept bullsh*t… You can say ‘I don’t like Langford,’ and I don’t have a problem with that because you’re entitled to your opinion.”

“You can say I think Langford is a lousy mayor or whatever and I’m not mad at you. I’ll shake your hand and we can go to lunch, because you’re entitled to your opinion. But you don’t get to lie on me, I don’t care who you are, governor or not,” he added

The spat between Langford and Christie gained national attention  following the storm. Their spat was even spoofed on Saturday Night Live.

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