Who was almost 'Django'? Quentin Tarantino reveals casting process for new film

Outspoken filmmaker Quentin Tarantino planned on auditioning almost every eligible black male actor in Hollywood for the lead role in his highly-anticipated new film Django Unchained.

Although he eventually settled on Academy-Award-winner Jamie Foxx, he’s made no secret that he talked to several other stars about playing the title role, including A-lister Will Smith and character actor Michael K. Williams.

Tarantino told Playboy magazine he ultimately chose Foxx for the role because “he was the cowboy.”

“We sat there talking, and I realized, ‘Wow, if this were the 1960s and I was casting a Django western TV show…’ and they had black guys as stars of those in the 1960s, I could see Jamie on one of those. And that’s what I was looking for, a Clint Eastwood,” said Tarantino.

Check out this slideshow of the stars who nearly got to ride in the saddle as the movie’s hero.