Father and son Lester and Stefan Holt to co-anchor NBC 5 News

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Father and son duo Lester Holt and Stefan Holt will make history on NBC 5, when they team up for a special post-Thanksgiving newscast … together!

“I’m a little nervous to be honest,” said longtime newsman Lester Holt. “I have to be on my A-Game. He’s pretty good. I’ve been watching him.”

Stefan Holt, 25, joined NBC 5 as a morning show anchor in 2011, and he’s been building his family in Chicago ever since. Stefan was married to his college sweetheart, Morgan, in July, and the newlyweds invited Lester and wife Carol to fly in from New York City and spend Thanksgiving in Chicago.

“It’s the first time we’re doing Thanksgiving dinner,” Stefan said of he and wife Morgan. “We’re going to give it a try.”

While Lester and Stefan were deciding on the menu — turkey, cornbread, mom’s cranberry chutney — Lester had an idea.

“I asked him: You’re not working on Thanksgiving are you?” Lester said. “He said, ‘Actually I am. I said, if you guys are short, if Daniella Guzman wants the day off, I can fill in.’”

Lester said he was joking, but Stefan suggested that maybe his dad could help out on the noon show the day after.

“He’s the hardest working man in television and he was looking for an excuse to work,” Stefan said.

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