If Mitt Romney had won the presidential election, insiders say, it’s not hard to imagine what he and his number two, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, would have been tackling on this very day.

An extensive preparation plan dubbed the “Romney Readiness Project,” pulled together by the GOP nominee’s team and no longer of any use, offers detailed insight into how ready he was to take the reins, the sources told NBC News.

Romney and Ryan each had office space set aside for them at a transition office in southwest Washington, D.C., where former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt led a team of hundreds of advisers tasked with crafting an ambitious agenda for the Republican’s first 200 days in office.

Insiders describe a well-prepared transition that was ready to hit the ground running on Nov. 7, and begin the work of fashioning a Romney government.

Leavitt was in Boston on Election Day, prepared to brief Romney if the GOP nominee proved victorious.

“We built a great ship, and regrettably, in my view, we didn’t sail. I think it would have been a crisp transition,” Leavitt said in an interview with NBC News. “I got up every morning from the day he asked me to do this — not naively — assuming that we would be elected, and we needed to be prepared.”

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