The film, which is circulating college campuses and film festivals, has won several awards, including the Best Documentary at the BronzeLens Film Festival. Merkerson spent three years learning how to put together a documentary and research benevolent societies. She says she’d like to pursue more work behind the camera. “Not necessarily directing but producing.”

Earlier this year, the multi-award-winning actress made her presenting debut as host of TV One’s acclaimed series Find Our Missing. The docu-series, using reality-reenactments, puts the spotlight on unsolved cases of black people who have simply vanished into thin air.

The series puts the names and faces to mysteries that didn’t get the headlines or media coverage. “It’s hard to believe that someone can simply disappear,” says Merkerson. “It’s racism. It’s oversight. It’s apathy.”

Merkerson, who turned 60 in November, believes she’s been fortunate with the gigs that have come her way since Law & Order. This includes a guest appearance on Drop Dead Diva and the Golden Globe Award Winning actress has recently wrapped production on The Challenger with the late Michael Clarke Duncan.

Speaking about her role as NYPD Lieutenant Anita Van Buren from 1993 to 2010 on NBC’s Law and Order, Merkerson says after 16 to 17 years on the show, “it was just time to go.” She adds, “it was a seamless transition because I had already starting working The Contradictions of Fair Hope.”

2013 will be a busy year for the actress. NBC’s Deception premieres on January 7th. Merkerson will also return as host for the second season of Find Our Missing, which will be back on the small screen January 9.

Merkerson will be starring in We the Peeples, a romantic comedy directed by Tina Gordon Chism to be released in theaters on 10 May 2013. She played the role of Daphne Peeples, alongside actors Craig Robinson, Kerry Washington and David Alan Grier.

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