The Los Angeles Lakers have been having anything but an easy time on the court as they have fallen several games under .500 and have a number of injuries that are crippling their roster.

Lakers starting forward Metta World Peace has not been having the strong impact on the court he’s been accustomed to, but off the court, the former St. Johns standout is delving into the world of rapping for a change.

World Peace’s newest single, “Represented,” was released yesterday, and this is not his first go-around in the music world. Earlier this year World Peace put out a song, “Champion,” and he also operates his own brand management group called Artest Media Group.

The Artest Media Group, or AMG, “grooms and manages the careers of recording artists, producers, songwriters, DJ’s, athletes and more in the arenas of media, personal appearances, film, television, video games, brand marketing and strategic marketing opportunities,” according to the site.

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